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May 17 2018 Posted: 10:54 IST




The Irish dairy sector has experienced remarkable growth since the abolition of EU milk quotas in 2015. Milk output has increased on 82% of Irish dairy farms and a growing proportion of milk is now coming from farms with more than 100 dairy cows. These figures not only highlight the considerable structural change that is currently taking place in Irish dairy farming, they also underline that dairy farmers face significant new challenges. Within this context, the availability of additional labour is a key concern for many existing milk producers. 

This research is part of a larger project that aims to gain a better understanding of the labour input utilised on Irish dairy farms with a view to assessing overall economic efficiency. Detailed data on farm labour will be garnered using survey methods and an in-depth farm-level investigation conducted using a case-study approach. This will result in a comprehensive comparative analysis with a benchmarking element. The link between labour efficiency and the uptake of on-farm innovation and technologies will also be explored using Teagasc National Farm Survey data. 


The successful candidate should be highly self-motivated with an ability to work independently and be willing to undertake recommended coursework. Strong quantitative skills and good communication skills, both written and verbal, are essential requirements. Applicants should have a good primary degree (First or Second Class Honours) and ideally hold an M.Sc. in an appropriate discipline (Economics, Agricultural Economics or related). 


The Ph.D. Fellowship is a joint research project between Teagasc, Rural Economy and Development Programme, Athenry Co. Galway and the Department of Economics, NUI Galway. The student will be work under the supervision of Dr. Doris Laepple (NUI Galway) and Dr. Emma Dillon (Teagasc) and will be required to undertake some coursework during year 1 and 2. 

The fellowship provides a stipend of €22,000 per year. University fees are paid by the student from the stipend which is tenable for 4 years. 

Further Information/Applications 

Dr. Doris Laepple, School of Business and Economics, National University of Ireland, Galway. 

Phone +353 (0)91 49 3164 Email: Doris.Laepple@nuigalway.ie 

Dr. Emma Dillon, Rural Economy and Development Programme, Teagasc, Athenry, Co. Galway. 

Phone +353 (0)91 845 294 Email: Emma.Dillon@teagasc.ie 

Application Procedure 

Submit an electronic copy of Curriculum Vitae and a letter of interest simultaneously to: 

Dr.Doris Laepple (Doris.Laepple@nuigalway.ie) and Dr. Emma Dillon (Emma.Dillon@teagasc.ie). 

Closing date 5pm June 15 2018

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